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Finding the Right Food Preservation Packaging

Incorrect packaging presents the risk of food being damaged by atmospheric changes which will impact taste, colour, odour and shelf life, as well as provide difficulties for transporting or storing over prolonged periods. All food manufacturers have a duty to ensure their food products are safe for consumption, and this includes packaging them in an appropriate manner.

The benefits of well-chosen food packaging

Food can be preserved by choosing the correct protective packaging such as barrier foil bags and liners. Dried foods, granules and powders can spend many months in storage, be handled many times and face lengthy journeys, so packaging must be more than just food safe. It must be able to maintain product integrity and be strong enough to stand up to vigorous manual and machine handling so as not to compromise the food within.

Choosing suitable food preservation packaging allows you to eliminate atmospheric gas contamination, reduce deterioration and maintain residual moisture and oxygen levels. Choosing a leading manufacturer to supply packaging will help your business run smoothly and keep your food products in top condition, however long you need to transport them.

Food preservation packaging to suit your needs

Here at Protective Packaging Ltd, we have been manufacturing quality-assured climatic protective foil packaging solutions for over 30 years. Our experts regularly help customers identify the ideal packaging for bulk food items such as dried foods, granules and powders to preserve them in storage and protect them during transport.

Barrier foil liners, sacks and pouches can help to avoid odour transfer, as well as preserving the original colour, taste and smell of the food product within. Our packaging options can also reduce the need for expensive, modified atmospheric warehousing, with a variety of sizes and filling options available.

Our product ranges

Octabin liners offer a cost-effective way to turn corrugated cardboard Octabins into the appropriate climatic protection packaging for food, providing the ideal solution to transport atmospherically sensitive products. Static dissipative laminates are available, and the aluminium barrier foil maintains moisture and oxygen levels, protecting the contents from temperature extremes.

Our 25kg barrier foil sacks are perfect for protecting dried formulations such as granules, flakes or powders. They are easily hermetically sealed and have a one-way degassing valve to allow trapped air to escape, thus preventing internal gas build-up. This kind of packaging is often stacked on pallets, so the addition of an external anti-slip polyester layer provides enhanced stacking and pallet stability.

Our FIBC Liners fit inside FIBC bags to offer effective fill, seal and shipment of food products. With spouts to facilitate safe, clean filling and discharging, FIBC bags provide excellent economical protection for bulk food, powders and granules.

With no minimum order and fast lead times, we meet the needs of small and large businesses. Why not let us create the perfect packaging for your dried foods.

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