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Finding the Right Packaging for Adhesives and Sealants

Sourcing the right packaging for adhesives and sealants can be challenging. You need packaging you can rely on to protect your product, your staff and users. Packaging must also reduce spoilage, preserve product life, be easy to use, stay strong when handled, yet be cost-effective and readily available, which is quite a list of requirements.

If your business manufactures or supplies sealants or adhesives that have to survive storage or transport, you will no doubt have found that many packaging products are simply not up to the job.

Here at Protective Packaging, we believe aluminium barrier foil provides the answer to those needs and more. Here’s why.

What Makes Aluminium Barrier Foil Bags and Liners the Ideal Packaging for Adhesives and Sealants?

There are a variety of benefits to packaging sealants and adhesives in aluminium barrier foils. In particular, they are able to suit a variety of chemistries and fillings and can be filled with hot substances up to 150°C. Other key features of aluminium barrier foil include:

  • Barrier foil protection allows for easy stripping from solidified sealants and adhesives
  • Static dissipative laminate options are available, which reduce static build-up
  • They can withstand gas flushing to form a temporary dry atmosphere which reduces chemical reaction with gases in the air during filling
  • There is no odour or moisture transfer in and out of the package, to preserve shelf life, product stability and durability
  • Clean and safe handling outer packaging ensures users and handlers are protected
  • Using aluminium barrier bags reduces the need for expensive temperature-controlled or modified atmospheric warehousing
  • They’re available as spouted liners for ease of filling and dispensing
  • They can maintain residual moisture and oxygen levels within tolerance

Why Choose Our Aluminium Bags and Liners?

We know the risks and problems that you face when packaging sealants and adhesives, and know that our bespoke aluminium barrier bags and liners are the answer. As a fully accredited ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer we can supply quantities, formats and sizes that suit your requirements. Our liners are available to suit all standard international pails and drums, as well as in convenient roll formats and bespoke shapes and sizes.

Our experts understand the importance of speed of service, reliability and stability of products. Our ability to create one-off and supply chain solutions for any hot or cold sealants and adhesives that your business can rely on, will give you the just the packaging you need.

Get in touch today to see how we could help.