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How to Minimise the Risk of Product Contamination during Shipping and Storage

At Protective Packaging, we strive to create products that comply with all health and safety regulations, including the prevention of contamination of products during shipping and storage. Choosing the right protective packaging for your business is key.

With different goods being transported around the globe, there is a need for manufacturers to invest in appropriate packaging solutions to meet a range of requirements. One of the most important requirements is the need to protect the products from coming into contact with materials and substances that will inevitably cause contaminate.

Constantly innovating and testing new products, we have created a wide range of barrier foil products that are manufactured from FDA approved laminate materials. One example of the type of liners approved for packaging food and pharmaceutical goods are Corrugated Box Liners. These liners are made from aluminium barrier foil to custom made sizes fitting inside any size of corrugated box and are used for shipping a range of different items across the world.

As well as all of the benefits already mentioned, barrier foil box liners prohibit the transfer of moisture and oxygen within the liner. They are also heat sealable which prevents additional moisture vapour from entering the bag resulting in contamination of the product that is being stored inside.

For ease of use, corrugated box liners come with the option of an open top or with fitted filling spouts to make filling of the liners as easy as possible. This results in less effort and time filling the liners as well a cost saving due to less waste created.

Choosing the right packaging – turn to corrugated box liners.

To summarise, the main reasons why choosing corrugated box liners makes sense comes down to four essential factors, all of which need to be considered to prevent contamination during shipping and storage:
· Approved to handle food items
· Meet health and safety regulations
· Provide a high level of cleanliness
· Are cost effective solutions, protecting your product from moisture and oxygen degradation

Finally, there is no limitation on the size or shape of your liner that you choose as all of our liners can be custom-made to suit all your needs and requirements.