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ISO14001 2015 Environmental Management System accredited business

ISO 14001

We are delighted and extremely proud that we are now an ISO 14001 2015 Environmental Management System accredited business, we would like to share why we put the effort into setting up a system to comply with the requirements. The environment has always been a topic close to our hearts at Protective Packaging, we have been working towards our goal of 14001 certification following our carbon-neutral status. This is a further step in our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and strive for a more sustainable future. Any improvements we can drive forward that benefit the current state of the environment and aid the planet’s recovery are important to us and we are so happy to have our efforts recognised in this way.

The element of continual improvement that is integral to the ISO 14001 requirements will be used to help our business to move from smaller, specific improvements towards greater enhancements in our organizational processes. Through these systematic processes, we can achieve the added benefits of 14001 in assisting our employees to find new and improved ways to reduce our environmental impact and save time and resources as we improve our processes.

Very often our customers, neighbours, and local community will also be interested in how we care for the environment around us. One way we can help assure all of these groups that we are committed to managing our environmental impacts is to demonstrate an effective environmental management system, to not only identify those impacts but also mitigates the most serious effects.

Of course, the main reason to implement an environmental management system using the ISO 14001 requirements is to help the environment by causing less of a negative impact and reducing a company`s environmental footprint. We are looking forward to continuing this in our 2023 objectives!

What Is ISO 14001

ISO 14001 was introduced in 1996 as an international standard that provides a framework for an organization to follow. It specifies the requirements of an effective system for environmental management. ISO 14001 works to guarantee quality while developing an effective environmental management strategy.

ISO 14000 is a set of standards and rules that have been framed to help organizations reduce industrial waste. It was a near-perfect measure to reduce environmental damage. ISO 14000 certification is optional for companies.

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