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New job challenges at a challenging time for Protective Packaging

Starting a new role brings excitement and new challenges, often new industries to get to know and new products and services to familiarise with. Before I started my new role at Protective Packaging Ltd I didn’t realise how complex and sophisticated aluminium barrier foil could be. I learnt the importance of the raw materials our laminates are made of and the technicality of converting these into different packaging formats.

Specialising in corrosion prevention and dry product protection we manufacture a range of aluminium barrier foil bags and liners to suit any application where deterioration of the packaged product may take place due moisture, oxygen ingress, UV light, temperature extremes, odour, ect. The bags derive their protective properties from a strong construction. They comprise of 2, 3 or 4 layers of different materials, bonded together with adhesive or extrusion polyethylene.

When the Covid19 pandemic started we found ourselves operating as an essential business, providing vital packaging particularly for the medical and food sectors. It is a challenging time for everyone at Protective Packaging.

Supporting the healthcare sector by manufacturing bags for diagnostic tests or medical devices, the bags made from aluminium barrier foil are to exact customer specifications  ensuring protection against contamination, temperature extremes and odour transfer. The laminates are hermetically heat-sealed and extend the storage of the content.

There has been an increased demand within the food industry to deliver foodstuff directly to people to limit their need for travelling to shops to buy food. Our thermal liners for food deliveries are the perfect choice.  The box liners are again manufactured from aluminium barrier foil, providing protection against temperature extremes and enhancing efficacy of ice packs to keep the food fresher for longer. The box liners come in the format of bespoke aluminium foil box liners and a variety of 2D and 3D metalised  bubble foil designs.

We feel proud that we can help the country fight Coronavirus by producing essential packaging for healthcare and food sectors.

We have also done additional initiatives aiming at helping local community by donating Fruit Baskets to local Food Banks and gift chocolate boxes to local care homes. A little touch to help people smile in these difficult times.

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