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Packaging Guide for OEMs

The term OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to companies that manufacture pieces of industrial equipment or components. For OEMs, the right packaging is essential, as they need to ensure that the components they produce arrive at their destination in the same condition in which they were packaged. This means finding packaging solutions that will enable the protection of fragile components during storage and in transit as well as shield them from corrosion or exposure to moisture that can often occur when transporting or storing goods.

OEM packaging can be extremely bespoke to meet the individual needs of the customer. Also known as industrial packaging, it is the perfect shipping and transport solution for any company that offers OEM services. The goods produced by OEMs are sensitive in nature and will therefore benefit from a packaging solution that will protect from different atmospheric conditions.

The use of packaging specifically designed for OEM products would help any manufacturer that produces electronic components, delicate instruments or metal parts that are sensitive to moisture or prone to corrosion.

OEM packaging products are most commonly made using aluminium barrier foil. This is a flexible packaging material that is not only reliable but also highly efficient for any business that is looking for a way to package their goods that may be sensitive to moisture, susceptible to corrosion, or both, during storage and transportation to their final destination.

As part of our barrier foil laminate range, the aluminium barrier foils available at Protective Packaging will prevent moisture vapour and corrosion damage to sensitive products, providing all-round climatic and impact packaging solution.

Our barrier foil products are manufactured with an inner layer of aluminium that provides a physical barrier to protect goods from the intrusion of moisture and oxygen, offensive gases and any potential transmission of odour. Our aluminium barrier foil bags have the lowest transmission rates available of any known flexible material. They are capable of keeping the oxygen levels and residual moisture of their contents within the required relevant tolerances. When these foil barrier bags are used with a carefully calculated amount of desiccant it is possible to keep the relative humidity of the products well below the point at which corrosion begins, 38%.

As with all our products, we can manufacture our barrier foil liners, bags and pouches to suit specific size requirements which can be supplied within a short lead time and come with no minimum order quantity.

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