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Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Goods

Pharmaceutical items are some of the most delicate goods that are regularly shipped all over the world. Like food items and electronics, they are easily affected by moisture ingress, temperature and atmospheric changes, all of which can render pharmaceutical products useless or in the worst case, make them dangerous to use or ingest.

Safe transport and storage of pharmaceutical products is an important consideration for all manufacturers. The right packaging will be able to protect pharmaceutical items from not only moisture but also from other damaging factors such as UV light, odour transfer, temperature changes and even oxygen ingress. Barrier foil laminates are the product of choice, eliminating all of the above while protecting the integrity of the product inside the packaging. The Protective Packaging’s range of aluminium foil packaging solutions for pharmaceutical intermediates has been approved to the appropriate FDA standards, ensuring that they will be suitable to protect your pharmaceutical products and aid in maintaining their potency.

Our pharmaceutical packaging solutions include gusseted bags, pouches, and FFS tubing, all of which have been designed as bespoke climactic solutions for pharmaceutical goods.

The bespoke gusseted barrier bags are manufactured to fit the inner dimensions of an outer octabin box, corrugated box or FIBC and will accommodate all large and bulk formats of packaging. Additionally, the gusseted bags will provide extended protection to your formulated products, ensuring that they do not compromise efficacy before reaching their final destination.

For smaller volumes of product where gusseted bags will not be suitable, you can instead rely on our bespoke pouches. Our flat bags are custom-made to your exact specifications and are available in a wide range of laminates providing total climatic protection. Protective Packaging Ltd have no minimum order requirement and offer short lead times.

As for the FFS process, our single-wound sheeting and tubing is the perfect solution. Suitable for automated, high-speed production lines this continuous roll of aluminium barrier foil is available in a variety of FDA approved laminate grades. All our single-wound sheeting and tubing can be manufactured to any width and length.

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