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Packaging Solutions For Pre-populated Cabinets

Pre-populated cabinets, also called enclosures or server cabinets, are very sensitive to corrosion during transportation or storage. It is critically important therefore, to select the right choice of protective packaging materials to avoid incurring costly damage that may be caused by variation in temperature and humidity.

How we can help

Our bespoke 3D high barrier foil laminate packaging solutions provide ideal protection for both transit and storage for environmentally sensitive equipment such as pre-populated cabinets.

We make custom 3D barrier bags to the specific requirements of your cabinets, and, in doing so we can reduce final sealing times by up to 50% and avoid wasted materials with our bespoke fitting, thus providing cost savings to our customers.

We understand that not all items are the same size

However, we also know regardless of the size of your items, or the urgency with which they are needed, they will require the same level of protection. This is why we are able to offer our 3D barrier bags as one off items shipped with short lead times for when you’re in urgent need of a solution. For larger order requirements, we also offer any size or quantity with dispatch times from as little as 24 hours.  Our no minimum order requirement offers you the flexibility to buy only what you need when you need it.

Bags of benefits

Our 3D barrier foil laminate range for large items uses 2 part bags, with tailored corners enabling less handling to fit or subsequently heat seal; an operation that can be performed single-handed. Used in conjunction with our desiccant absorbent packs, we can ensure that your cabinets remain protected against moisture and vapour in both transit and storage for your required timeframe.

Our protective 3D barrier bags fully meet the latest Mil-PRF-131 Class 1 requirements for moisture sensitive item packaging in moisture-controlled environments, making them ideally placed for the cabinet transport and storage.

3D barrier bag usage also reduces the need for costly modified atmosphere warehousing. Providing protection for individual items, can reduce your business costs and with a variety of options for lids and loose flaps, including 2 part bags, often referred to as Bottom Tray and Top Hat, we ensure you are easily able to meet your packaging requirements.


Image of bag types

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