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Packaging Vocabulary

In the packaging industry there are many technical terms which may not be easily understood.  There are far too many to mention, but below we have listed some of the ones that we deal with on a day to day basis whilst manufacturing our barrier foil liners.  Just for fun we have used the initials of our company name PROTECTIVE PACKAGING and chosen a term which begins with each letter.  We hope you will find the terms useful, however should you require further clarification on any barrier foil liners matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

P             PET: PolyEthylene Teraphthalate – or Polyester which is its more common name.  High in clarity and high in strength.

R             Raw Materials:  A manufacturing classification of inventory before the material is put into the manufacturing process and when components are in their “raw” state.

O             OTR: Oxygen Transmission Rate is defined as the constant rate at which oxygen permeates through a film at specified conditions of temperature and relative humidity.

T              Tear Strength: A measure of how likely a substrate will continue to tear once started.

E              Elongation: The linear stretch of material during tensile loading.

C             Converting: The process of converting sheets or rolls of product such as paper, film and foil to a finished product, such as our bespoke bags.

T              Tolerance: Allowable deviation from a nominal or specified dimension.

I               Impulse Sealing:  The brief application of an electrically heated wire to heat seal and cut thermoplastic films.

V             Viscosity: The property of material to resist flow.  The higher the viscosity generally the thicker or slower a material flows.

E              Extrusion: A product formed by pushing material through a die.


P             Pantone: The Pantone colour system is a universal colour matching system that enables people to give a colour reference they would like their design to match.

A             Adhesive: A substance, such as glue, used to laminate two structures together.

C             C.O.F.: Coefficient of Friction, the amount of slip exhibited when one surface is dragged against an adjacent surface.

K             Keyline: This is the guide used in making plates or engraving cylinders.

A             Aluminium Foil: Used in a wide range of packaging applications, aluminium is a great barrier to gas, moisture and light.

G             Glue Lamination: A process of using either water-based or solvent-based glue applied to a substrate such as foil to laminate 2 or more substrates together.

I               Imperial:  A traditional unit of measurement which preceded Metric.

N             Nylon: its official name is Oriented PolyAmide, and it is a superb optics and gas barrier.  Most commonly used as a component in a laminate with PE.

G             Gravure: A printing process using chrome-plated engraved rotating cylinders, giving superb results.

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