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How to Reduce the Risk of Corrosion of Automotive Parts

Having been in the packaging business for over 30 years we understand the important role packaging plays in protecting and preserving automotive parts from corrosion. Due to moisture present in the air, automotive parts are at risk of corrosion right from the point they are manufactured, so finding the right packaging is essential to ensure their optimal condition is maintained.

What options do automotive parts manufacturers have?

There will always be the option to grease, air mist and pack products, then store them in climate-controlled warehouses, but today’s modern world demands a simpler and more economical solution.

So take a look at our barrier foil liners and laminates which are ideal for automotive packaging solutions.

How does foil help to reduce corrosion?

Aluminium foil will prevent ingress of moisture and gases which could affect the goods packed within, therefore is the suitable packaging solution to preserve your automotive parts and protect them during transport.

Aluminium barrier foil offers many benefits, including:

• Aluminium barrier foil laminates protect from moisture, oxygen ingress, UV rays and many other corrosion-causing elements
• Reduced need for modified atmospheric warehousing
• No requirement for additional preservation techniques that would require post packing cleaning
• Flexibility on size and shape, allowing for custom 2D and 3D packaging solutions
• One-man sealing capability of the barrier foil bags
• Wide range of laminates is available to suit your requirements

Flexible packaging that incorporates an aluminium foil layer is recognised as offering the highest barrier protection properties in its class. It is best for increasing product shelf life and retaining integrity against water vapour, gas and odour transmission as well as water and oil resistance, aluminium barrier foil certainly presents a wise choice.

How we can help?

Having worked closely with many automotive part suppliers, our experience and expertise enables us to offer custom designed barrier foil packaging for a range of automotive parts. If you’re not sure what product would suit your needs best, we’d be happy to speak to you about the parts you’re looking to protect. We’re sure we can offer a cost-effective, sustainable and high quality packaging solution.

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