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Protective Packaging Set to Assist Economic Recovery

Following enormous efforts by all at Protective Packaging Ltd during the challenging period from early 2020 to date, we achieved our goal of ensuring that our business levels remained buoyant during the global pandemic and through the Brexit trading relationship transition with Europe.

This was no mean feat and is testament to the exploitation of our core strengths of providing ISO 9001:2105 assured product quality every time, focussed customer service, innovative product design to meet specific customer requirements, no minimum order quantities on most products, competitive pricing and unbeatable supply lead times to provide on time delivery.

During the protracted period of operational restriction for certain transport industries due to the pandemic (e.g. commercial aviation & marine), opportunities for the use of barrier foil products and desiccants within the affected sectors were identified and solutions supplied, such as :

  • Barrier foil flat bags and three dimensional bags for the climatic protection of serviced and refurbished marine safety equipment such as life jackets, immersion survival suits and life rafts.
  • Barrier foil custom made foil bags, with inclusion of calculated quantities of desiccant, for the protection of aero-engines in situ on mothballed commercial aircraft, fitted and hermetically sealed at customer premises.

Other manufacturing industry sectors such as Adhesives and Sealants, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Food and Medical have remained very active and in some cases increased production, with strong demand for climatic protection products such as:

  • Printed, branded barrier foil in roll format, for form, fill and seal ‘sausage’ packaging, as well as round bottom barrier foil drum liners, for moisture sensitive adhesives and sealants.
  • Bespoke barrier foil spouted octabin liners and 25kg vented barrier foil sacks for moisture sensitive polymers.
  • Barrier foil top and bottom spouted bulk bag liners and sacks for bulk foodstuffs such as nuts.
  • Barrier foil pouches for the protection of biological test cultures and immunological assays.
  • Barrier foil pouches (with a clear panel for product viewing and batch identification) to enhance the shelf life of medical intravenous nutrition packs.

Our next challenge is to maximise our contribution to the UK’s critically important economic recovery by taking the business forward through continued innovation and great service, maintaining our position of being the best at what we do.

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