Protective Packaging Limited

Thermal Packaging Solutions for Chilled Food Deliveries

Protective Packaging Ltd is supporting the exponential growth of online, mail order food delivery companies by offering bespoke barrier foil box liners as a cost effective thermal packaging solution.

As businesses in the food sector look to diversify and promote online ordering for home delivery services, whether these are weekly recipe boxes, butchers’ meat bundles or chilled pet foods, Protective Packaging’s thermal barrier foil liners are becoming increasingly popular as the go to solution of choice.

Growth in the recipe box food delivery market has been massively accelerated by the effects of the Coronavirus and the need to purchase remotely due to limited supermarket access. This provides a clear indication that households across the UK have quickly become accustom to shopping online and having food deliveries arrive at their door within 24 hours from the click of a button.

As the food industry is witnessing a swing from once traditional face to face, over the counter sales to now more remote purchasing, the need to embrace e-commerce as a sales interaction platform is becoming ever apparent. This is progressively coming true not only for the industry leading recipe box companies, but also more localised independent restaurants and chilled food retailers who are looking to adapt and reach customers through different channels.

With logistics companies now boasting 24 hour national delivery services, both local and regional chilled food companies are now looking to capitalise and increase their market share due to the realisation that they are no longer limited to a specific geographical location. This increased chilled food transit time has however forced companies to re-evaluate their packaging to ensure the chilled foods are delivered to the consumer at the essential temperature.

Manufactured to fit the internal dimensions of any corrugated box, Protective Packaging’s thermal barrier foil liners increase the efficacy of ice packs ensuring chilled food goods are maintained at a suitable temperature while outside of refrigeration. Our range of barrier foil laminates are approved to FDA standards and are therefore the appropriate material for food contact.

With no specified minimum order quantity the thermal liners are manufactured to order, boasting industry leading lead times of days not weeks or months and are available in a variety of foil laminate materials. The liners provide the ability to hermetically heat seal the contents securely within each box as well as further aid in the maintenance of the required temperature.

Due to the laminate structure of Protective Packaging’s materials, the liners are extremely storage efficient requiring minimal pallet space to house larger quantities compared to other competitor products.

With over 30 years of experience and operating to quality management system ISO 9001:2015, Protective Packaging Ltd manufacturing out of Sale, Manchester is perfectly placed to provide cost effective thermal packaging solutions to the ever evolving mail order, home delivery food industry.