Protective Packaging Limited

Ready for Brexit

With Brexit finally coming into force from 1st January 2021, here at Protective Packaging Ltd we have had to adapt our internal Logistics procedures to ensure our shipments to Europe continue to run as smoothly as usual.

In 2020, we created a dedicated in-house Brexit team in order to ensure we were prepared from the start. With the help of our nominated freight forwarders, the team was able to understand the changes needed prior to the turn of the year, particularly in relation to newly required paperwork to allow a smooth flow through Customs.

The findings of the Brexit team were shared with the rest of our staff to ensure all colleagues were aware of the changes ahead within the company and the wider implications to our customers. We communicated with our customers on a regular basis to ensure we were prepared for a smooth transition into 2021.

Due to the early groundwork done, we have been able to start 2021 without any disruption to our customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare, Aerospace, Engineering, Construction and Food Industries across Europe.

Maintaining supply of our climatic protection packaging solutions, including barrier foil 3D bags, pouches, lay-flat tubing and drum liners ensured our customers’ own production schedules were not affected. They were therefore able to continue their own distribution to customers across key industries such as pharmaceutical, food and medical.

We continue to offer our customers the option of fitting smart features such as humidity indicators and desiccant within their barrier foil bags. These features further ensure the protection of their goods against oxygen ingress and water vapour transmission once they are packed and ready for shipping.

Of course, Brexit has happened during the difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic. As an essential supplier, we have continued to work throughout to meet our customers’ demands, whilst strictly following Covid-19 guidelines. The ongoing supply of our climatic protection products to crucially important industries is paramount, and we are extremely proud to play a part in keeping the supply chain moving.


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