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The Benefits of Using Aluminium Barrier Foil Box Liners

Goods that are stored for a long period of time or are transported across country, or indeed, across the world, require packaging solutions that are robust, protecting the contents from a variety of climatic conditions. This is what an Aluminium barrier box liner is used for. Aluminium foil liners are designed to fit neatly into any shape of corrugated box, shielding the valuable contents within from external element, ensuring the quality of the contents is not affected.

How They Work?
Made from aluminium foil, the liners provide an additional layer of protection for products that are being transported or stored. The liners act as a barrier, preventing moisture and gases from interacting with products that may be sensitive to these factors. The heavy-duty material of the liner also means that it can withstand varied temperatures, providing protection for whichever journey the product will be making, without having to implement extra precautionary measures. Another key advantage of using barrier box liners is their ability to prevent cross-contamination of odours i.e. no leakage from the product into the external surroundings.

What’s Available?
The box liner range is varied, with different shapes and sizes available to suit the type of outer box packaging option your organisation is using. Furthermore, to assist with quicker packaging times, the liners can be purchased as open top or with fitted spouts which also make it easier to operate closed system filling.

Cleanliness and Integrity
The box liners are ideal for retaining the cleanliness and integrity of the outer layer. Introducing box liners to your warehouse makes good business sense. They can reduce the need to buy in more expensive structural warehousing solutions, whilst still maintaining the quality and integrity of your packaged goods.

Whatever Your Industry, Barrier Box Liners Could Help You
Aluminium barrier box liners are extremely versatile packaging products, ideal for use across a number of industries. If your line of business requires dried product protection for food ingredients, polymers and resins, pharmaceuticals or any other such dry product that needs shielding from climatic interference, investing in box liners to protect goods for storage and transit is a resourceful decision. The box liners will ensure that these sensitive items are delivered to your customers in the same condition that they left your premises.

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