Protective Packaging Limited

The Bespoke Barrier Foil Zipper Pouch Machine Project

Following the relocation of our business in September 2021 to our purpose built facilities in Carrington, Manchester the next project to oversee was the acquisition of a new automated bag machine that would allow us to manufacture flat bags with the addition of a zipper. This new capability adds to our existing range of 2D & 3D barrier foil bags, tubes, drum liners and FIBC liners.

The machine was designed specifically for the manufacture of zipper pouches but has the additional capabilities of manufacturing standard flat bags at high speed and the inclusion of an eye mark reader enables conversion of printed material. This project stemmed from our dedication to achieving excellence and a desire to enhance our capabilities and deliver the best in protective packaging.

The Vision

The vision was clear. A machine that could effortlessly produce high-quality barrier foil zipper pouches, perfectly tailored to the unique requirements of our customers.

The Design Process

The first phase of our project involved meticulous planning and design. We identified companies that could meet our individual and bespoke requirements for the build of the machine.

Key Design Features:

  1. Material Compatibility: Our machine is designed to handle a diverse range of materials, ensuring flexibility in production. This included various types of barrier foils, films, and laminates, offering our customers an extensive array of options.
  2. Zipper Application: The incorporation of a high-precision zipper application system was a pivotal aspect of the design. This feature not only enhanced the functionality of the pouch but also enabled easy access for end-users.
  3. Automated Controls: We implemented state-of-the-art control systems to streamline the production process. From material feeding to sealing, every step was diligently automated for optimal efficiency and precision.
  4. Customisation Capabilities: The machine’s design allowed for seamless customisation, ensuring that each pouch could be tailored to the unique specifications of our customers. This included variations in size, shape, and even print.

The Build Process

A small team was assembled that included our engineering manager, automated production manager and operations manager to regularly visit the site where the build was taking place to observe the progress and resolve any issues encountered. The team made three progress visits, these were made at various stages of the build, once the machine was mechanically built, electronically cabled/programmed and when the machine was running material.

Testing and Refinement

Once the machine was assembled and progress visits successfully completed, a factory acceptance test was then carried out where rigorous testing procedures were implemented. During this phase, we tested the machines full parameters, which allowed adjustments or us to identify any areas that required fine-tuning. It was through this process that we achieved the optimal balance between speed, precision, and quality.


The completion of our bespoke barrier foil zipper pouch machine is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in protective packaging. With this machine now at our disposal, we are poised to offer our clients an unparalleled level of product customisation. For more information about our products and services, please contact our Customer Support department on 0161 976 2006 or visit