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The Importance of Drum Liners

Steel and plastic drums are the ideal packaging solution for a range of different industries, making them a popular choice with manufacturers. As the containers are often used to transport liquids, chemicals, and even food items, it is vital that precautions are taken to ensure that whatever the contents of the drum, these do not spill, do not interact with the drum material, and cannot cause contamination.

To avoid any of the above happening, drums are commonly used in conjunction with drum liners which not only help to protect goods, but also work to keep the drums themselves in good condition. Drum liners are specifically designed to be non-reactive so that both the drum and the product are protected at all times.

Benefits of Barrier Foil Liners
As we have already briefly touched upon, there are many reasons to use drum liners to better protect goods during their shipping and storage. Firstly, they work as a flexible steel can. This allows consumers to use a low-cost drum such as fibreboard or corrugate, rather than expensive metal drums, saving them costs in the long-run. In addition to this, barrier foil liners have a high level of tear and puncture resistance which means that there is less chance of spillages and leakages occurring. Whatever product you’re aiming to protect, a wide range of aluminium barrier laminates are available to suit your needs, including Military Grade, Hot-Fill and Anti-Static liners.

A Liner for Every Need
One of the most popular types of drum liners is the round-bottomed Drum Liner, which is made from aluminium barrier foil. This barrier foil is commonly used in many industries and is a very popular alternative to just using barrels. These drum liners have been custom-made so that they suit different diameters and heights whether a straight or taped liner is required and they provide complete climatic protection for all atmospheric sensitive applications. Our range of foil laminates allows the user to fill the liner with hot-fill products up to 150 degrees Celsius. Like all of our drum liners, round-bottomed drum liners are suitable for the shipment of bulk amounts of both liquid and dry formulations due to the heat seals we use to protect the contents of the bag. As the heat seals completely protect the bag once full, it reduces the chances of spillages and cross-contamination throughout the shipping process.
Liners can be manufactured to an individual specification to accommodate whatever style and dimensions a manufacturer needs to be able to fulfil their individual requirements.

Our Focus
At Protective Packaging Ltd we believe in creating a high-quality products and this is at the centre of everything we do. We control all aspects of quality from goods in testing, through to final inspection and despatch. With no minimum order quantities and short lead times, we can provide the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

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