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What is OEM Packaging?

If you are involved with or familiar with the industrial packaging industry, then you have probably heard the acronym ‘OEM’. OEM is an abbreviation for “Original Equipment Manufacturing”.

We provide a range of 2 and 3-dimensional barrier bags and liners to a range of Original Equipment Manufacturers but this article is going to focus on what an OEM product is, OEM packaging and why our bespoke 3-dimensional barrier bags are an impressive solution.

What is an OEM product?

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a company that produces equipment that collaborates with the final brand for them to market. For example, a manufacturer that makes parts specifically for companies like Apple will produce OEM products, but Apple does not own them.

OEM Packaging

OEM packaging is bespoke packaging, also known as industrial packaging. This type of packaging is extremely important to any manufacturer that provides OEM services, as it is vital that equipment and components arrive in immaculate condition. If the packaging is not selected appropriately the risk is that products may arrive damaged which in turn could slow down the entire assembly, ultimately upsetting the client.
More often than not Original Equipment Manufacturers need to safeguard their products from corrosive elements during shipment and storage in order to protect the integrity of the product.
Our 3D barrier bags manufactured from aluminium barrier foil are an effective and efficient way of packaging equipment that is susceptible to corrosion and sensitive to moisture.
Our aluminium barrier foils have the lowest transmission rates of any known flexible material, maintaining the residual moisture and oxygen levels within tolerance.
Within a hermetically sealed aluminium barrier bag, with a calculated amount of desiccant, the relative humidity (RH) remains well below 40% – the starting point for corrosion.

3-D Barrier Bags

  • No minimum order quantities
  • No order size restrictions
  • Industry-leading lead times
  • Standard and customised solutions
  • Reduced desiccant requirement
  • Reduced sealing time

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