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Wide Range of Bags for All Climatic Protection Needs

At Protective Packaging, we recognise that everyone’s packaging requirements are different, which is why we offer a variety of corrosion prevention and dried product protection products. These are particularly beneficial for large items and sensitive instruments that can often be difficult to pack for transport and storage while maintaining the original state of the items inside. Thankfully, this can easily be done with the use of our wide range of barrier bags, all of which we are happy to manufacture to your individual specifications.

Manufactured bespoke, with an aluminium layer, the barrier foils used to make our bags will protect products against corrosion, oxygen ingress, and atmospheric changes. With several different designs available, we can assure you that even large, bulky and oddly-shaped items are packed and hermetically sealed with ease.

For corrosion protection, our 3D barrier bags are available in several different options, including:

  • Box bag with loose base
  • Box bag with a centre seal
  • Box bag with flap lid
  • Box bag with flap lid attached to front flap
  • Box bag with a loose lid and loose end
  • Box bag with flap lid and loose front
  • Two-part bag with corners (bottom tray and top hat)

If you are unsure which of these bags will best suit your needs, then do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry and will advise you on the best solution for packing your goods.

Key Benefits of 3D Barrier Foil Bags

 The key benefits of our range of 3D barrier foil bags include:

  • One-man operation to seal
  • No limitations on the size or shape of our packaging formats
  • Industry-leading lead times
  • Food contact approved aluminium barrier laminates
  • Military approved barrier laminates available
  • Static dissipative laminates
  • Reduces the need for expensive modified atmosphere warehousing

Heat Sealing Equipment

Complete your climatic protection packaging needs with our handheld heat sealing product. This lightest in its class handheld heat sealer is available at a jaw length of 30cm and will provide the required hermetic seal to ensure the integrity of your bag. It can all be operated by a single person and is compatible with all grades of our barrier foils.

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