Protective Packaging Limited

Working for both businesses: 3D Barrier Bags Inc., Orlando, FL, USA and Protective Packaging Ltd, UK

Both 3D Barrier Bags Inc. and Protective Packaging Ltd are ISO 9001:2015 accredited companies that specialize in the design and manufacture of corrosion and vapor damage prevention supplying customized packaging to the export packaging market and dry product protection market worldwide exporting to over 50 companies.

Although working across the pond and providing support for both 3D Barrier Bags and Protective Packaging the fundamentals of the role are more or less the same. There are however some small differences mainly on units of measurement, phrases and vocabulary, some of which are shown below but both have the same meaning.

USA                                                                                                       UK

Aluminum                                                                                            Aluminium

Vapor                                                                                                    Vapour

Customized                                                                                         Bespoke

Color                                                                                                     Colour

Odor                                                                                                      Odour

Comment measurements imperial (ft. & inches)                         Common measurements metric (mm, cm & meter)

Soccer                                                                                                  Football

Moving over from Manchester, England and living in Orlando, Florida has certainly been an experience of a lifetime and something I’ll never forget!

Obviously the biggest difference has to be the weather, comparing my hometown in Manchester on a July summers day at 70°F and raining to a crazy Orlando 100°F with high humidity and the daily storms, I can honestly say I prefer the UK weather in the summertime. The rest of the year the Orlando weather wins hands down.

So besides the weather, what’s the benefits of living in Orlando, the most visited tourist destination in the US compared to living in England, the home of English football (soccer)?

Number one for me has to be the awesome beaches, state parks, wildlife and basically the outdoor life.

What better way to spend your weekends when you’re not working, stood on a paddle board drifting down a clear natural spring river, fishing on the Gulf of Mexico or just having a rest on beautiful clean beach with your feet resting in the warm clear sea surrounded by manatees, fish and dolphins.

Although the UK does occasionally have good weather in the summer, you can’t beat having some good food and a drink in a typical old style English pub at weekends, whether it’s watching the soccer with friends, spending time with the family, or maybe just making a quick visit to the see the Queen for a cup of tea.

Orlando, FL – weather, wildlife, beaches, storms, hurricanes, gators and snakes, or the UK – family, friends, good food, bad weather, cold beer, the Queen, you decide?