Protective Packaging Limited

Fabriquons sur site = des délais plus courts et des produits faits sur mesure

At Protective Packaging Ltd, we are very proud to be a manufacturer of Climate Packaging Solutions.

Everything we manufacture is fully tailored to the needs of our customers. Aside from a few consumable items.

We do not keep anything in stock but we are able to produce and deliver the products to our customers with deadlines courses or even very short for items already available in stock elsewhere. Typically we aim to ship small-scale orders the same day so that they are delivered to you the next day!

We are able to respond quickly because we operate 24 hours a day, thanks to a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Protective Packaging is based on motivated and valued employees.

This manufacturing approach allows us to consult with our customers to ensure that the packaging we produce is perfectly adapted to their needs. That is why we believe in responsible procurement while building lasting relationships, based on trust and consultation. Nothing gives us more pleasure than a new application or project that allows us to improve and use our current knowledge of materials.

We are proud to say that our relationships with today’s customers are just as good today as they were 30 years ago and we love receiving requests from potential new customers and letting them know we could probably help them.

If you would like to know more about our products, please contact our sales team for more information by calling +33 9 75 18 11 38 or via

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