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Polymers and Compounds

Aluminium Barrier Foil Packaging for Polymers and Compounds

We manufacture a range of barrier foil packaging that can be used to protect your polymers and compounds from the damage that they can sustain from moisture and oxygen during transportation and/or storage.

Our polymer and compound packaging provides your product with protection from moisture and oxygen ingress, odour transfer, UV light and extremes of temperature. Hygroscopic polymers and compounds are protected from the atmosphere by our barrier foil bag thus maintaining all the original characteristics of your product, particularly the moisture content, therefore eliminating the need for your customer to re-dry the resin prior to use. 

Our barrier foil packaging has been approved to the appropriate food standards meaning that they have a wide variety of uses in several different industries. 

Our bulk and semi-bulk packaging is available in a variety of formats including liners for corrugated octabins and cartons, ISO container liners, F.I.B.C’s, 25Kg sacks, bags and pouches. To support your form, fill, seal requirements we also supply rolls of single wound sheet and lay flat and gusseted tubing. All of these products can be customised to your company’s specific requirements. Generally we have no minimum order requirement and always offer short lead times across our range of formats.

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