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3D Barrier Bag with Zip

3D Barrier Foil Bag with Heavy Duty Zip

We offer a unique ability to fabricate 3D barrier foil bags with a zip. These custom-made bags provide a highly effective and efficient means of safeguarding products that are moisture sensitive and susceptible to corrosion. The incorporation of a zip ensures not only easy access to the contents but also offers a convenient and resealable closure mechanism, maintaining the protective barrier upon resealing.

Complete the corrosion prevention solution with the correct amount of desiccant which we can calculate to BS1133 section 19. We can integrate the desiccant into the bag or supply it in a loose format.

Our 3D barrier foil bags with zip can be equipped with a variety of Smart Features, expanding the range of functionalities to cater to diverse packaging requirements. Our offerings are designed to meet your unique specifications.

Our dedicated team are ready to collaborate with you in determining the ideal solution for your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your requirements and explore the possibilities of incorporating a zipper into our 3D barrier bag styles.

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Key Points When Using A 3D Bag with Zip