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3D Barrier Bags

3D Barrier Bags

Our custom-made 3D barrier bags are an effective and efficient way of packaging products that are moisture sensitive and susceptible to corrosion.

Based on the outer dimensions of the item to be packaged and the inner dimensions of the shipping crate, 3D barrier bags are available in any size and quantity.

Complete the corrosion prevention solution with the correct amount of desiccant which we can calculate to BS1133 section 19.  We can integrate the desiccant into the bag or supply it in a loose format.

All of our 3D barrier bag styles can be fitted with a wide range of Smart Features.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to talk about your requirements. One of our dedicated team members will be delighted to collaborate with you to determine the ideal solution.

A Selection Of 3D Barrier Bag Styles

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Key Points When Using A 3D Barrier Bag