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Barrier Foil Rolls, Tubing and Sheets

Rolls, Tubing and Sheets

We provide a comprehensive range of Aluminium Barrier Foil Rolls, Tubing, and Sheets designed for diverse packaging needs. Our products offer excellent barrier properties, protecting sensitive items from moisture, oxygen, light, and other environmental factors.

Our Aluminium Barrier Foil Rolls come in various widths, catering to both large-scale industrial applications and specialised requirements. We also offer Barrier Foil Tubing, allowing for customised bag and pouch sizes, perfect for packaging items of different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, our Barrier Foil Sheets are ideal for individual wrapping or lining, offering an extra layer of protection. These sheets can be easily cut and tailored to suit specific packaging needs.

Choose our Aluminium Barrier Foil Rolls, Tubing, and Sheets for reliable and high-quality packaging solutions that preserve the integrity and freshness of your products.

Aluminium Barrier Foil Rolls. Our single-wound sheeting is available ex-stock in widths of 1M, 1.25M and 1.5M. Our in-house slitting and rewinding capabilities enable us to supply an extensive range of bespoke widths and lengths.

Continuous non-standard width sheeting is available on rolls in a variety of widths and lengths to suit your application and handling requirements.

Lay Flat Tubing is perfect for packing items with the same width but different lengths. It is a continuous roll bag allowing you to cut it to the desired length and package your item.

Gusseted Tubing has a pleat on each side that allows it to accommodate large or bulky items. The expanding capabilities of the design allow different sized items to be packaged within the same roll of material.

We can also format our barrier foil materials into lay flat sheets or blankets as well as supply our barrier foil in various roll sizes.

Form, Fill Seal (FFS). All the above formats are available for use with all vertical and horizontal FFS machines for better-quality packaging. 

Bespoke Individual Sheets available with no limitation on size

Different types of barrier foil rolls

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Key Points When Using Barrier Foil Rolls, Tubing and Sheets