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Case Lining

Case Lining Material

For any company that deals in exporting, protecting your items during transit are a vital part of the supply chain. Our case lining contains highly practical properties that can be used with your export cases. Cross-woven case linings are an efficient and effective alternative to the more traditional materials that you might use for lining your cases such as reinforced and poly-coated kraft union or even roofing felt.

Our case lining is available in both 6’ and 12’ roll widths for ease of use. This is a tear-resistant and waterproof product that can be used during the export process to protect your company’s products.

The lid lining is typically used to line wooden export cases in order to protect your products during transport from the types of damage that might occur in transit.

Image of Case Lining
Image of Cross-woven Case Lining
Image of Cross-woven Case Lining

In addition to rainwater, your products may be subjected to UV degradation. Case lining affords your products extra protection in addition to your barrier foil packaging.

If you cannot see the product you are looking for or you would like to discuss your company’s case lining requirements, then please contact us for a chat.