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Desiccant Packs

Desiccant Packs and Bags

Many companies who are involved in the manufacturing industry use desiccant packs in conjunction with flat bags and pouches or other types of packaging to transport their product to the customer.

Desiccant is placed with the packaged products in order to absorb any amount of existing water vapour, no matter how small, that may be trapped within the product and packaging. This ensures that the product reaches the customer in the best condition possible.

Desiccant, in a carefully calculated amount, is placed into barrier foil bags in order to remove any water vapour that may be present. It may also be used to neutralize those small amounts of water vapour that may be able to pass through the barrier foil.

Image of Desiccant Packs

We offer desiccant packs – which is available as activated clay – to be used to maintain the quality of your products. Our range of desiccant packs have a wide variety of applications for both commercial and military products.

Our desiccant bags can provide you with measurable pack performance when it is used in conjunction with barrier foil liners.

Please click on the desiccant calculation to work out how many desiccant packs you need for your application.

If you have any specific requirements, then why not get in touch with us and see what we can do to help you.

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