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A desiccant is a product that has a very high affinity to the adsorption of moisture vapour. Our desiccant packs, bags and sachets can provide you with measurable pack performance when it is used in conjunction with our barrier foil packaging.

The inclusion of a desiccant pack inside the barrier bag ensures the effectiveness of the corrosion prevention packaging solution and where appropriate the dried product packaging solution. Our range of desiccant packs are appropriate for both commercial and military applications together with food and pharmaceutical. 

Our desiccant packs are available in a variety of sizes ranging from half-gram sachets to 1KG bags. The types of desiccants we offer include activated clay, silica gel and molecular sieves. We would be happy to advise on the most suitable type for your application. 

A carefully calculated amount of desiccant is placed, along with the product, inside the barrier bag in order to adsorb any residual moisture vapour that may be present when the barrier bag is sealed. This desiccant will also neutralize the very small amount of moisture vapour that may be able to pass through the barrier foil.

We use the BS1133 Section 19 desiccant calculation to work out how much desiccant you require for your application and via our in-house manufacturing team, have the capability to integrate the desiccant into the barrier bag.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us and a member of our dedicated team will be happy to work with you to find the right solution.

UK REACH DUIN NO. UK-20-3664339417-80000 (Silica Gel and Molecular Sieves)

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