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Drum & Pail Liners

Barrier Foil Liners for Drums & Pails

Our elegantly designed round-bottom drums are available to suit all standard international pails and drums in both generic and bespoke fitting formats. These include different diameter sizes as well as straight or tapered-shaped designs. All our liners are designed to be compatible with end-of-line gas flushing processes.

Drum and pail liners are specifically designed for the bulk shipment of dried formulations and high-viscosity fluids.

A dedicated range of barrier foil laminates, specifically developed for adhesives and sealants and in particular reactive hot melts (RHMs) are available. These include laminates suitable for hot fill applications up to 150°C as well as specially formulated silicone-coated laminates. Industry-specific surface energy characteristics are achieved so that these laminates strip readily away from solidified adhesives and sealants.

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Key Points When Using A Drum Or Pail Liner