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Flat Bags and Aluminium Pouches

Flat Bags and Aluminium Pouches

When it comes to the most appropriate packaging for small quantities of granules or powders, our flat bags and aluminium pouch packaging offer the perfect solution. Our products are all custom-made to our customers’ exact specifications and are available in a range of different laminates. We can produce flat bags in any size you require, and there is no minimum quantity needed for an order.

This aluminium packaging in our range not only offers a measurable pack performance but also total moisture protection, which makes them the ideal choice for several different industries. They are ideal for use with engineering parts, telecom equipment and other types of electronics, medical devices, chemicals and food items.

Flat Bags and Pouches
Image of Flat Bag
Image of Pouch

These flat bags and pouches are the ideal choice for any company looking to eliminate traditional methods used in terms of the preservation of both dry products and metal parts – they can help you reduce those costs that are associated with removing preservatives from metal parts.

If you are looking for a size of flat bag or aluminum pouch packaging you cannot find on our site, then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Key Points

  • Food contact approved aluminium barrier laminates
  • Military approved barrier laminates available
  • Static dissipative laminates
  • Reduces the need for expensive modified atmosphere warehousing
  • No limitations on the size or shape of our packaging formats
  • Industry-leading lead times