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Octabin Liners

Liners for Octabins

Our octabin liners are predominantly used for the shipment and storage of hygroscopic dried product formulations such as powders, granules and flakes. Our octabin liners safeguard your product and ensure retention of its original characteristics.

Manufactured in different laminate grades to suit your application and sized to suit the internal dimensions of your octabin, our liners are available configured as open top or with top and/or bottom spouts in order to facilitate safe filling and discharge. Our octabin liners provide total protection against moisture vapour and oxygen ingress and prevent odour transfer.

Our octabin liners are suitable for all hygroscopic and oxygen-sensitive dried products across a myriad of industries. 

If you wish to talk about your octabin liner requirements, kindly contact us and one of our expert team members will be delighted to collaborate with you in identifying the appropriate solution.

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Key Points When Using An Octabin