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Rolls, Tubing and Sheets

Aluminium Barrier Foil Rolls, Tubing and Sheets

Protective Packaging Ltd has the capabilities to convert their barrier foil laminates into lay flat or gusseted tubing which is extremely useful to those in the Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) industry.

Aluminium barrier foil maintains residual moisture and oxygen levels within tolerance, as well as preventing the transfer of odour in or out and protects your product against temperature extremes.

Lay Flat Tubing is a flexible, continuous roll of aluminium barrier foil sleeving that is open at one end and rolled up at the other, enabling you to load the roll onto your FFS Machine for production.

Image of Aluminium Barrier Foil Tubing
Image of Aluminium Barrier Foil Tubing
Image of Aluminium Barrier Foil Roll

Gusseted Tubing has a pleat on each side that allows it to accommodate large or bulky items. The expanding capabilities of the design allow different sized items to be packaged within the same roll of material.

We can also format our barrier foil materials into lay flat sheets or blankets as well as supply our barrier foil in various roll sizes.

Key Points

  • Food contact approved aluminium barrier laminates
  • Military approved barrier laminates available
  • Static dissipative laminates
  • Provides outer packaging cleanliness and allows for standard disposal
  • Reduces the need for expensive modified atmosphere warehousing
  • No limitations on the size or shape of our packaging formats
  • Industry-leading lead times