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Thermal Box Liners and Pallet Shrouds

Thermal Box Liners and Pallet Shrouds

Maintain your product’s temperature within the required range during transport and/or storage with our thermal box liners and pallet shrouds. 

Our 2 and 3-dimensional thermal box liners and pallet shrouds are designed and manufactured to fit the dimensions of single corrugated cartons or entire pallets of goods.

Thermal box liners and pallet shrouds increase the efficacy of cool packs ensuring chilled food goods are maintained at a suitable temperature while outside of refrigeration. Our range of barrier foil laminates are approved to FDA standards and are suitable for food contact.

Our thermal box liners are suitable for (but not limited to) applications such as food recipe boxes, meat, poultry and dairy goods or chilled pet foods.

For applications i.e. pharmaceuticals, where operating temperatures shouldn’t go outside of a specific range, our thermal pallet shrouds are designed to support the maintenance of your product within the desired levels during transport and/or storage.

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Key Benefits When Using A Thermal Liner or Pallet Shroud